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Cooperative Niche: Flying Bike Co-op Microbrewery Starts Peddling PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Mark Emiley   
Monday, 12 July 2010 21:05

Seattle based Flying Bike Co-op is in development and hopes to become the first cooperative owned and operated microbrewery in the United States. Founder Jeff Hicks says that he was driven to form the fledgling co-op from his own frustrations as a homebrewer trying to go pro and reading about others trying to do the same thing. “I think everyone that is a homebrewer has had the thought of starting a brewery but, once you start researching the idea, it becomes a little tougher to overcome the financing issues involved on your own. So, I began to think about how many other guys are out there that have the same dream as me but, are also unable to do it on their own. What if I could find these guys and we could band together to build a brewery and produce great beer? Can you say cooperative business model? ,“ Jeff states. “So, I started the Flying Bike Co-op with the belief that homebrewers are the heart and soul of what is going on in the craft beer industry today. We bring fresh ideas and expertise that lead to the creation of new beer styles and innovations in the process. Who better to decide what beer the brewery produces!”. Jeff hopes that the unique nature of the business model will enable Flying Bike to differentiate itself and use the business model as a marketing tool. Jeff believes that it is next to impossible to open up a successful brewery in the model of a Rogue, New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, etc. The future of production breweries lies in the fringes - niche categories, or unique and differentiating factors. Flying Bike Co-op would certainly fall into that category.

If you love brewing and you're looking for a good way to get more involved in it, contact Flying Bike Co-op for more information regarding their upcoming exploratory meeting.

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