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The portion of Brian Perkey's Yeast talk that we successfully recorded is available for download here.  (Right click and select save target as.) Unfortunately the second half was lost but the material we have is great!  Enjoy!
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Written by Mark Emiley   
Saturday, 28 August 2010 14:08

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Class Organizers: Mark Emiley and Brandon Horn

In preparation for the October 23rd BJCP exam, there will be a BJCP study group in Lakewood, WA at the Beer Essentials (there will be another study group in Lynnwood, check the WAHA site for more details).  We’ll be discussing the exam, the various questions, covering faults, and tasting through many of the BJCP styles.  The class will have 8 sessions on Tuesday from 7:00-~9:00 starting on August 17th.               

The BJCP exam for Oct 23rd is already filled, but extra attendees are welcome if you’d like to take a future test or just expand your brewing knowledge.  Each session will cost $10 per person to cover beer and equipment expenses.


Location: The Beer Essentials, 2624 112th St #E-1, Lakewood, WA 98499, (253) 581-4288
Cost: $10 per person per class
Dates: Tuesdays starting Aug 17th, 7:00-9:00 pm

Class 1      17-Aug-10
Class 2      25-Aug-10
Class 3      31-Aug-10
Class 4        7-Sep-10
Self-Study 14-Sep-10
Class 5      21-Sep-10
Class 6      28-Sep-10
Class 7         5-Oct-10
Self-Study  12-Oct-10
Class 8       19-Oct-10
Exam          23-Oct-10

If you are interested in joining this study group, please contact Mark Emiley.

Class Documents:

We’ve prepared a binder for the people preparing for the October exam.  If you’d like to join the class, you can make your own binder by printing out the documents referenced in this PDF

Online Webcasts:

We are going to try to stream and record our sessions so that people who miss the class can follow along and possibly for future use by people trying to prepare for the exam independently. 

You can check out our recorded videos and live webcasts of the class here:

South Sound BJCP Class Syllabus 

Tues, 17 August 2010

-          Class introduction

-          BJCP exam overview

-          Judging procedures

-          Tasting overview

-          Technical Topic: Water

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 1. Light Lagers
  2. 2. Pilsners
  3. 3. European Amber Lagers

Tues, 24 August 2010

-          Technical Topic: Mashing and Enzymes

-          Technical Topic: Yeast, Diacetyl

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 4. Dark Lagers
  2. 5. Bocks

Tues, 31 August 2010

-          Technical Topic: Malting

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 6. Light Hybrid Beers
  2. 7. Amber Hybrid Beers
  3. 9. Scottish and Irish Ales

Tues, 7 Sept 2010

-          Technical Topic: Hops

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 8. English Pale Ales
  2. 10. American Ales
  3. 14. IPAs

Tues, 14 Sept 2010 (Self-Study Week)


Tues, 21 Sept 2010

-          Technical Topic: Hot and Cold Breaks, Krausening, Gypsum

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 11. English Brown Ales
  2. 12. Porters
  3. 13. Stouts

Tues, 28 Sept 2010

-          Technical Topic: Head Retention, Clarity, Body, Mouthfeel, Fining

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 15. German Wheat and Rye Beers
  2. 17. Sour Ales
  3. 20. Fruit Beers
  4. 21. Spice, Herb, and Vegetable Beers
  5. 22. Smoke Flavor and Wood Beers
  6. 23. Specialty Beers

Tues, 5 Oct 2010

-          Technical Topic: Recipe

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 16. Belgian and French Ale
  2. 18. Belgian Strong Ales

Tues, 12 Oct 2010 (Self-Study Week)

Tues, 19 Oct 2010

-          Off-Flavors Tasting Seminar

-          Tasting/Discussion

  1. 19. Strong Ales

-          Exam Discussion/Tips

Sat, 23 Oct 2010 – Exam

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