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Written by Mark Emiley   
Saturday, 16 August 2008 19:15

  Rationale for Proposed Changes to Washington State Homemade Beer and Wine RCW (66.28.140)

Overall Goal:

Promote Washington's homemade beer & wine production community and image with concise, logical regulations.

Core Reasons for Legislative Changes:

  • Create an environment fostering community-based improvement for the future leaders of Washington's tax-generating craft beer and wine industries
  • Allow enjoyment of homemade beer and wine as a savored and respected component of Washington culture 
  • Allow grass-roots community involvement in home and craft production movements. 
  • Allow for clear application with consistent and practical regulation wording

Current legislation:

  • Does not promote the evolution of today's Washington home beer and wine makers into tomorrow's craft brewers and vintners
  • Does not allow sharing of homemade beer or wine between citizens outside of the house of production
  • Prevents Washington from opportunities to host tourism events such as the National Homebrewers Conference (~1,000 attendees)
    •   Quote from Brewer's Association Representative:

"The restriction on homebrew being available outside the home for judging purposes only will keep the AHA National Homebrewers Conference out of Washington."

  • Does not consistently apply to beer and wine events and hinder practical transportation of homemade beer or wine. This renders the code impossible to meaningfully enforce & extremely difficult to confidently comply with.
  • Does not promote collaborative homemade beer or wine evaluation and improvement

Proposed Legislation Will Not:

  • Change amount of homemade beer or wine produced per household
  • Allow access to homemade beer or wine to minors

Legislation Will:

  • Stimulate Washington's craft beer and wine industry's future craft brewers and vintners
  • Allow Washington to be a candidate for the National Homebrewers Conference and other tourism generating events
  • Promote Washington's pioneering beer and wine heritage
  • Allow community involvement in craft production movements
  • Correctly and consistently phrase terminology regarding homemade beer and wine production
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