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Written by Mark Emiley   
Sunday, 12 February 2012 13:36


1              Sasquatch, he of superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and stamina with regenerative healing powers, sharp claws and teeth and ability to leap vast distances. Scotch de 'Squatch is BIG brew, strong enough to make you think you have superhuman strength and with the regenerative power to grow hair on your chest (sorry ladies!) or head with each quaff.  You won't leap vast distances after one of these beers but you will no longer need to use Rogaine!  Scotch de 'Squatch - one pint will do ya!

2              I felt that a bigger version of an American Brown ale would be the best style to embody the spirit of Bigfoot and, I wanted this beer to include the flavors of the Northwest, from the spicy, woody flavors of the Nugget and Willamette hops to the subtle taste of apple in the finish from the Calypso hops. Cheers!

4              "This beer began as a Brown Ale, ala Moose Drool--I just needed some Sasquatch Drool, instead. Not finding that, I opted for Spruce Tip Extract... which I bought but forgot to add.  Fortunately, I live in rural Thurston County, surrounded by miles and miles of untamed Sasquatch habitat.

I pitched my yeast and put my beer in the temperature controlled fermentation chamber in the basement. When I checked the next morning, the basement's sliding glass door was ajar, with muddy prints evident everywhere. My first thought was, ""Thieves broke in and stole my homebrew!""

Running to the freezer-turned-fermentation chamber, I discovered dark, coarse hairs stuck to the handle, more mud--this time on my carboy--and copious amounts of fir tips, lichen, moss, and other unmentionables near my beloved brew. The blow-off tube appeared to have been removed and replaced, as fir needles were now floating in my beer and coffee grounds littered the outside of the carboy. There was a single, long coarse hair stuck to the blow-off tube, further evidence of an iniquitous intrusion.

It was obvious our local resident Sasquatch had paid me a visit and made his or her own abominable additions to my brew. I just hope it’s drinkable.

That's all for now. I'm off to install a motion-detecting camera under the back deck to see if I can catch a shot of the elusive beast we now call Quatchie, and who gave this beer its name."

5              Cascadian / northwest black IPA: dark as night under a moonless forest canopy and heavily hopped with northwest hops, finished with a strong pine-like aroma from a predominant amount of Simcoe.

6              A beer with a 'woodsy, earthy' feel that represents the best qualities of the Great Pacific Northwest, home of the legendary beast.  A nut brown style provides the base for this ale, which is 'dry-hopped' with my favorite coffee, Costco's Seattle Mountain Blend for a classic Seattle-style aroma.  A hint of nutmeg complements the dryness of the Mesquite-wood honey, leaving a light wooded spice note on the palate after each delectable sip.  Sasquatch agrees - 'It tastes like home."

8              I believe Saquatch has to brew and malt over an open fire so there will be smoke involved.  As a native of the northwest, Bigfoot probably created Cascadian Dark Ale centuries ago, it's simply taken this long for humans to pick up on it.  Because of this, I made a black IPA with some smoke elements.  I would have added the smell of wet fur, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it.

9              "People describe Sasquatch as a presence, as much as a being.  Something you may not see, but perceive sometimes as more of a feeling or even an aroma.

This brew, like the others in this theme, has a darkness to it, with chocolate and roastiness coming through, with a notable hop counterpoint. 

But there is an earthiness, a funkiness to it as well. This is from the Belgian yeast, which has a reputation for capturing wild and untamed elements from the environment.  These descriptors apply to Sasquatch perfectly."

10           "What do we know about Sasquatch?  Not much, unfortunately, as he is quite enigmatic.  However, we know he is big, hairy, a bit intimidating, and leaves an impression.  His habitat is likewise dark and mysterious. 

While we may not know Sasquatch, we know that brewers often project a bit of their character into their brews.  With that in mind, I explored 4 options that represent the dark, mysterious, and unusual elements that comprise Sasquatch. 

This brew is a dark, strong, and hoppy creation.  It has substance.  And leaves a little bit of mystery on the palate.  While cardamom isn't native to Sasquatch's domain, it has a pine-like character that evokes images of the evergreen trees in which Sasquatch is known to inhabit."

11           "Sasquatch: big, furry, dweller of the dark, damp, cool forests of the northwest.  Not just uncommon, but downright rare.

This beer embodies what a large, hairy being would crave to fight off the dampness and the dark. 

A bracing malt backbone of dark roasted grains, with a special addition of Special B is the foundation upon which a blend of northwest hops serves as counterpoint.  This is not a summer sipper, this is for dwellers of the dark woods if there ever was one!"

12           "What do we know about the mysterious Sasquatch?   We know he is big, hairy, a bit intimidating, and leaves an impression.  His habitat is likewise dark and mysterious. 

This particular beer adds a bit of a little-used and some would say, ancient spice.  Something that might be gathered from among the moss in Sasquatch's home.  Mugwort sits alongside the northwest hops, adding a complimentary depth to the bittering elements of the humulins and forces the discerning imbiber to ask...what is that extra, mysterious essence?"

16           In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, Sasquatch brews in seclusion.  He enjoys the cool, damp days of summer and a good dark beer.  Using ingredients and resources available to him in the woods, he brews complex ales.  One of his favorite resources is the abundant cedar tree.  He sometimes will ferment in a hollowed out tree.  This beer is one of his favorites as the sweet malts and cedar tannins balance in a tasty brew that pairs well with the local fauna.

18           A beer as big as Sasquatch himself, weighing in at a huge 8.9%. Earthy, Fresh and Piney with a noble "King of the forest" floral introduction. Made using the northwest finest hops, first taste his body with a rugged edge a complex malt character and a great golden brown & reddish hue. Sweet and spicy with a complex yet elusive hop character. There's no mistaking Squatch is a creature of the wild, with a Bite that belies his savagery. Fine hints of Cherry and a punch that's hiding in the bushes ready to pounce. Unlike the real thing, you can’t put this legend down. He finishes well forever lurking in your glass.

22           Sasquatch is the kind of guy who likes to take it easy, flies under the radar and doesn't cause much trouble, but he makes a big impression on the few who HAVE found him.  His beer shares these qualities; it's packed full of bright Northwestern hop flavor and aroma while keeping it's laid back personality.  Packing a bigger wallop than the taste suggests, Sasquatch brews his beer to match the foresty freshness of his home by blending citrusy hops with some newer, fruitier varieties like Legacy and Citra.  He likes his beer murky like the morning fog, so he pairs these hops with a fruity Kolsch yeast and drinks his beer young.  The result is an exotic, refreshing and addictive beer Sasquatch is always proud to serve his buds.

24           It's a little known fact, but Sasquatch was the original inventor of the Cascadian Dark Ale.  He originally drank smoky porters and browns, which were easy to make with Washington barley kilned over an open fire and the natural ingredients of the forest.  One fall he was collecting berries for his winter ale near Yakima and he came upon a field of cascade hops and the rest is history.  He created a dark ale with cedar/resin notes, mushroomy and citrus hop flavors.  Leaving a long smoky burn on the tongue and hint of pine needle forest freshness in the finish.  This is indeed, the original Sasquatchian Ale.

25           They've been known as "Sasquatch", "Yeti", "Skoocoom", "Ts'emekwes", and "Bigfoot", among other names. From deep in the rainforests of Northwest Washington, where these mysterious creatures dwell, comes a beer with a bold, fresh taste. Sasquatch Ale is as wild as the rivers flowing through the Olympic Mountains, and just as invigorating. With a towering hoppy aroma, and an intense flavor as wild as the beast himself, it will put hair on your hide. Quick, grab a Sasquatch by the neck before it disappears in an amber blur.

26           As Sasquatch roams the woods, spies on campers from the perimeter of campfires and forages in the cherry orchards of eastern WA, in this big, bold (possibly volatile like his temperament) Scottish Ale (everyone knows Sasquatch wears plaid) the myth is embodied. It is brewed with cherry smoked barley and put down on oak and sweet cherries before bottling.

29           Moss, wood, juniper, hops and various barley grain make up this earthy IPA brewed by Ms. Sasquatch.  With the abundance of hops in the area, it only makes sense that her beer would have a sturdy hop presence, and her impatience with the malting process causes most of her ales to be fairly light in color.  The addition of juniper, hair and whatever else is readily available in the forest at brewing time gives her beer a woodsy, Northwest mountain flavor bold enough to tantalize any male Skookum in the area to her cozy den.

30           As the sasquatch brewster strolls thru the Northwest evergreens, the spruce and piney aromas brush off on her fur like a perfume, causing vague interest from a passing male sasquatch.  However, she knows this isn't enough to hold his attention, she must brew a tantalizing ale that will cause him to lumber over mountains to track down that remarkable sent.  She harvests various C-hops and the most fragrant of juniper boughs. Five minutes before the end of the boil, she tosses one of her hairs into the boil, making this unique IPA an honest product of her being with which to snare a true "wild man".

31           Enjoy the essence of the deep northern woods when taking in the aroma and taste of the Stilly Madness Sasquatch ale. Northwest grown hops and juniper berries added to this special brew will take you into the deep woods where Sasquatch makes his home.

32           "All alone in the forests of the Pacific Northwest - everyone assumes that sasquatch prefers berries and rabbits.

Hogwash. Sasquatch likes beer, and lots of it.

Sasquatch likes his beer brown in color, like the trees of the forest, his fur and the dirt and he has a love of northwest hops and, of course, a little wood flavor mixed in with good measure. This Oaked-Aged Hoppy Brown Ale is a blend of some of sasquatch's favorite things in just the right amounts, making it something he might just share with friends - that is, as long as they don't acknowledge his existence."

33           Special ingredients that Sasquatch would find rummaging through Northwest farms were added to this beer to provide a bold, unique, Northwest flavor. Sasquatch enjoys the pungent, bitter, and tangy qualities of this beer and its dark color. This is a very refreshing beer that Sasquatch enjoys after a night of sneaking up on slumbering livestock, and chasing the various critters of the Northwest woods.

35           "When I think Sasquatch I think Dark and gloomy, smelling like a campfire, and a nasty hairy coat covered in pine needles, berries and the such.

Therefore I created SMOKEY JUNIPHAIRY. A delicately smoked brown ale infused with crushed juniper berries. The balanced malt and hops make it Overy approchable yet the juniper aromas allow it to stand on its own TWO VERY LARGE FEET.     Prost!"

36           This ale is something Sasquatch would brew and drink -- dark, earthy, spicy, funky, and deceptively powerful.  All the qualities of Bigfoot.  Easy drinking and vanishes quickly, just like one of the sightings you read about.

37           "US 2 Row, German Wheat, Honey Malt, 60L.

Why is this a Sasquatch beer..?

I picture this big harry guy, sitting in a lawn chair out in the woods smoking a bowl and enjoying a light bodied amber style beer.  Being a northwest type of guy, he likes a slight hint of Cascade hops but a mellow beer that is a little sweet.  That in my mind describes the TT Winter wheat..."

38           "This beer is a dark malty and well hopped ale with a coffee based tone. When I think of the northwest I think bold beers and coffee drinkers. The cascadian dark ale has its roots near here and my goal was to infuse the cascadian style with our own local starbucks coffee.

12oz of Starbucks coffee last 15min of the mash"

41           """WILD MAN""

 Sasquatch.......sesquac ( salish ) for ""wild man""

In the DEEP DARK woods of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest....

There lives a legend......

""Sasquatch""....or.....""WILD MAN"".....

 In his honor and for your drinking pleasure....we have brewed a deep, dark, double and fresh hopped Imperial Cascadian Ale....

...a premier ""Sasquatchian"" concoction........Drink a legend.....drink ""Wild Man"""

46           "This is a big red and hairy beer with a great Northwest hop appeal.  Hints of vanilla surface through the malty back bone.  Finishing with an intense oakiness, that would satisfy the sasquatch trapped in all true beer enthusiasts.”

50           Born in the Cascade region of the Pacific NW, this dark, strong and measurably bitter ale celebrates the legacy of the elusive Sasquatch.

51           A long time ago in the early part of 2012 Norm and Isaac hatched a plan to seek out Sasquatch's lair and investigate what kept him going in the dreary northwest. What they stumbled upon in a mossy clay jug they did not realize would turn their beer world upside down. It was a Session-Imperial IPA! What once was thought to be folklore was now proven that....IT DOES EXIST!!   Raw and outdoorsy american hops lend to nice subtle malt backbone that will get your attention and have you walking upright in no-time. A Strong Rye IPA with 17% Rye Malt that will leave a BIG FOOT print in your head. CHEERS

52           me make beer in woods. use trees, malt, wild hops and river water. make over fire. maybe hair got in too, me not sure. sasquatch like drink beer, me sing better, then sleep.

54           A dark, pungent beast, Sasquatch Ale embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.  Made from Great Western Pacific Northwest Premium Two Row malt, Cascade and Chinook hops from Yakima, a west coast yeast strain, and Seattle rainwater collected directly into the brew kettle.  Aged on cedar, an icon of Northwest forests and Sasquatch's favorite tree, and dry hopped with more Cascade and Chinook hops.

55           Cascadian Dark Ale with Rye and CaraWheat Malt - saquatch likes stronger dark very hoppy beer with a crips finish of Rye and wheat and a special dry hop mix.  7IBU - 7.75% alc vol.   This keeps Sasquatch crafty and elusive to human detection but allows enjoyment of special human drink.  Stronger multi grain beer means more carbs for Sassquatch to navigate steep mountain terrain and stay warm at night.

56           "This is a 100% Northwest Beer, and the embodiment of a Sasquatchian ale.  All PNW hops, Northwest Ale yeast and a style closely associated with the PNW (being a CDA).  Added to this mix is a healthy dose of alder wood smoked 2-row malt, reminiscent of both the rugged brewing conditions Squatch must brew under and also the local fuel available to him.

The malt is smoked in my home salmon smoker according to the process laid out in ""Smoked Beers"" from Brewing Classic Styles.  I can produce roughly 20lbs at a time, so this recipe should scale to a 1bbl if need be."

59           In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, Sasquatch lurks.  His dark form blends with the earthy floor beneath the pine canopies.  This Spruced CDA captures his spirit:  dark, earthy, piny with a hint of spruce, yet exciting and approachable.  And to, the spirit of the Northwest brewer

60           Imperial Brown Sahti. The forest people of Finland brew a dark malty beer using juniper boughs to line their traditional lauter tun, a hollowed out log. The juniper imparts a strong resinous character to the finished beer. Our friend Sasquatch brews deep in the woods where branches, pine cones, and flavorful forest detritus make their way into the kettle giving the beers he makes the same resinous juniper character. A powerful sense of terroir, "Beer of the Woods" in every sense. Sasquatch prefers to brew beers that match his appearance and personality; big, brown, and powerfully strong. Don't mind the funky polecat character, it's hard to find a hot bath out in the woods. Bigfoot's Brown Thumb brings the best parts of the big guy's brewing efforts; deep malty flavors, alcoholic strength to help ease the cold deep woods nights, and a taste of the forest.

61           Everyone knows that Squatch's favorite beer is a mocha porter so that's what I brewed.  Using ingredients from the Sasquatch's home turf  I used Washington State hops, locally roasted coffee beans from Buono coffee located in Wilkeson Washington (where the first Sasquatch was sighted in 1968 on the Carbon River) and roasted cocoa nibs that were bought at Squatch's favorite grocery store; Whole Foods.  Hang onto this beer because the coffee aroma and moderately strong malt flavor has a smooth mouth feel from the cocoa nibs.  The complex, flavorful and roasty character is sure to attract the Sasquatch.

63           Base style is 10B, American Amber. This Sasquatch brew is darker and murkier than an amber to match Sasquatch fur color and symbolize the cloudy skies of the NW forests.  At 7.2% it is stronger to symbolize the strength of Sasquatch, but not higher, as it is a gentle strength.  Aggressively hopped with Columbus and Willamette hops because of the great NW rivers and because of their earthy, pungent and herbal, woody characters.  Lots of Willamette hops at flameout, picked by Sasquatch from my back yard!  The malt aroma is slightly musky, just like 'Squatch.  Extra Carafa gives a roasty finish to pay homage to the great coffee roasters of the NW.

65           "Beer: Smoked Porter with 36 percent smoked malt (cherrywood & rauch) and Special B added

Background: The Sasquatch has long been the brunt of unfair jokes and discrimination in advertising.  Remember that whole ""Messin' with Sasquatch"" campaign?  Someone needs to call the ACLU about that one. But the biggest indignation might have been the long running association with that Canadian swill known as Kokanee.  Everyone knows that after a long day of chasing elk and terrorizing baby marmots, a Sasquatch likes to sit back and relax on a bed of soft hemlock bows and knock back a few smoked porters.  He just loves that smooth, rich, chocolate, rum and ashy mix because it reminds him of all those campfires he has to stamp out when groups of careless, city dwelling hipsters get too drunk and pass out while the fire is going full throttle.  Yup, a smoked porter - perfect for those long dark nights in the mossy, damp woods he calls home."

66           "Beer: Smoked Porter aged on oak spirals

Background: When the rain soaked slopes of the western Cascades is a little much for Sasquatch, he likes to head to those drier eastern slopes of the Wenatchee National Forest.  Here the Sasquatch enjoys the sunlight, ponderosa pines and the stunning views of Mt. Stuart.  This version of my smoked porter has been aged on oak spirals to bring out a mellowing dryness and earthy character that smoothes out the smoke, chocolate and rum flavors of the base smoked porter.  The Sasquatch is well known to enjoy this beer alongside some smoked lake trout, which he occasionally grabs out of Lake Chelan.     "

67           "Beer: Brown Ale with Smoked Squash

Background: For centuries, people have rambled the vast forests of the Pacific Northwest in search of the great Sasquatch, but somehow he always eludes capture or direct evidence of his existence.  I know; that's totally crazy in this day of smart phones, ipads and temperature controlled conical fermenters.  But I will let you in on a little secret - to see a Sasquatch, all you have to do is leave out his favorite food - smoked squash.  It works just like Yogi Bear and fresh baked pies.  He mostly enjoys Hubbard squash slowly smoked over pecan wood chips and more recently, I've found that he enjoys beer when brewed with this smoked squash.  And that's what you have the pleasure of drinking right now - a brown ale base beer that was brewed with smoked Hubbard squash in both the mash and boil.  All the smoked flavor and aroma was derived from the squash alone and results in a smooth, malty beer with pleasant smoke flavor and a light meatiness from the squash.    "

68           "Beer: Brown Ale brewed with Smoked Squash and aged on oak spirals soaked in spiced rum

Background: While is it a well known fact that the Sasquatch loves to eat smoked squash when he's trouncing around the Pacific Northwest, it's much less widely known where he spends his winters.  The common misconception is that he hibernates all winter in a den somewhere much like bears do.  However, like many humanoids of this region, the Sasquatch also enjoys relaxing and soaking in the rays in the Caribbean Islands during the winter time.  Specifically the western shores of Jamaica, where he spends his time surfing, smoking spliffs, dancing to dub reggae and forgetting about the rainy Pacific Northwest for awhile.  Seriously, this was all documented and reported by the CIA, Seattle Beer News or maybe it was TMZ.  In honor of this annual pilgrimage, my smoked squash brown ale has been aged with oak spirals soaked in Jamaican rum.  This additional treatment combines the tasty smoke flavors with a layer of spices, coconut vanilla and dry oak that would make for an enjoyable evening of jamming with a few Sasquatches in Jamaica, or anywhere else for that matter."


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