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Transporting Kegged Beer (once it is legal) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Mark Emiley   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008 19:35
If you've made the transition over to kegged beer, you already appreciate the ease of packaging and dispensing.  However, it becomes a pain to transport your beer to social events.  If you must travel with a keg, I highly recommend a hand CO2 injector which allows dispense from your keg using about 2-3 CO2 cartridges for a full keg.  These are available for $15-20.  If you'd rather not lug around 5 gallons of beer, you can get a "Carbonator Cap" which works as a pressurizable bottle cap for two liter bottles.  It has a connection so that you can hook it up to CO2 using standard Corny keg ball lock fittings.  So, you fill your cleaned two liter bottle with your beer, attach the Carbonator Cap and then pressurize the bottle to prevent CO2 loss, keeping your beer carbonated for some time.  Once you open it you will need to drink it soon (unless you have the ability to repressurize it where you are going) but two liters is a good size for sharing and enjoying with friends at a party.  The two liter alternative is easy to use and allows for ease of refrigeration at your event (with the full keg, you are either going to have to have an ice bucket or jockey box or just accept that your beer will get warmer).  Carbonator caps can be found for $5-10.  Just make sure people don't accidentally throw it out when the bottle is done!
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