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Digital All-grain Brewing System:
2011 MoreBeer 1550 Digital “Tippy Dump” Brushed SS BrewSculpture, with 15-gallon mash, hot liquor, and boil kettles with lids and thermowells, thermometers and glass sight gauge; Ultimate SS Sparge arm w/ float; full digital package/Control Panel; two Ranco electronic temperature controllers for mash tun and automated HLT burner; convoluted heat exchanger; digital propane gas system; whirlpool chiller, March high temperature pump; propane tank; and all necessary silicone/chiller hoses and fittings for brewing 10-gallon batches. This system can also brew 20-gallon batches with an upgrade. Picture attached.

Fermentation System, Fully Temperature Controlled:
2011 MoreBeer 14-Gallon Conical Fermenter system including: Conical Blow-Off hose and Thermowell Kit; Co2 Transfer Kit with pressure gauge; Ranco 2-Stage (heating/cooling) Electronic Temperature Controller; FermWrap 40 watt Fermentation Heater; dedicated Sears Kenmore Freezer (housing conical). This system is also equipped to efficiently push fermented beer out the sample valve into kegs with no exposure to outside air. Picture attached.

Supplied with the above are related fittings, brushes, replacement O-rings, tubing, testing equipment, funnels, cleansers and sanitizers; original owners manuals and customized step-by-step brewing procedures.

Note: the MoreBeer 1550 BrewSculpture and Conical Fermenter (including the freezer) systems described above are being offered together as one unit, for $4,950. For additional items listed below, make an offer or buy everything on this page for $5,750.

Additional brewing items (not pictured) include:
Four glass carboys; a Monster Mill MM3 - three roller grain mill, hopper and base; 25lb. digital postal scale for weighing grain.

Additional dispensing items (not pictured) include: Summit Kegerator w/ dual tap tower, drip tray; nine 5-gallon ball-lock kegs; three 5 lb. aluminum Co2 tanks; additional Co2 regulator and 3 line manifold and tubing.

Additional items for the homebrewer include: essential brewing books and Brew Your Own magazines (2007-present).

All equipment has been meticulously maintained and is fully functional. Serious inquiries may contact: 360.515.1206 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .]]>
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